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Instant installment loans are becoming one of the most popular and affordable short-term financial solutions available in today's market. Qualifying for a short-term loan online can be one of the easiest processes that you ever experienced because there are no large financial institutions evolved. Think about the last time you went to your local bank to apply for a traditional loan. Do you remember how long it took?

Getting an installment loan is quick and easy. All you need is access to the web, do a quick online search for direct lenders and within minutes you will be able to apply for the loan that meets your personal needs. By simply searching the words 'online installment loans' in Google or Yahoo you can find needed results. You will see that lenders compete for the customers and try to offer the lowest possible interest rates.

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Installment loans are small sums of money, typically in the range of $100 to $1000, lent to you for a short term. The exact loan period varies depending on your personal needs, the lender's terms, and your state regulations. Some loans last only 1-2 weeks, while others will not have to be paid off for a full month.

Moreover, short term loans offer people with poor credit the chance to get some extra cash so they can get by until the next paycheck. When it's impossible to qualify for a traditional loan due to the credit check process, you'll likely enjoy this option.

If you need fast cash to cover emergency expenses and don't want the hassle of going to a local bank, then an installment loan could be the solution you are looking for to get a financial assistance.

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